We provide you with the flexibility to work with us in a manner that best suits your needs. Because we strive to build our client relationships on trust, we provide comprehensive services and fee transparency. Our partnerships include the following:

  • Base

    Meeting: Annually
    • Balance Sheet
    • Basic Retirement Plan
    • Cash Flow Review
    • Emergency Fund Review
    • Employer Benefits Review
    • Insurance Review
    • Liability Management
    • Net Worth Statement

    Initial Plan: $1,499

    Ongoing Planning: $99/Month

  • accent

    Meeting: Semi-Annually
    The Base Plus:
    • Advanced Risk & Insurance Analysis
    • Asset Allocation Analysis
    • Detailed Retirement Plan
    • Detailed Education Savings Plan
    • Investment Portfolio Analysis
    • Major Life Event Analysis
    • Monte Carlo Simulation
    • Risk Tolerance Discovery

    Initial Plan: $2,499

    Ongoing Planning: $149/Month

  • Summit

    Meeting: Semi-Annually
    The Accent Plus:
    • Charitable Gifting Strategy
    • Family Strategy Coordination & Meetings
    • Integrated Tax Advisory Services
    • Legacy Planning Strategy
    • Social Security, Medicare, & Pension
    • Tax-Gain Harvesting Strategy
    • Tax-Loss Harvesting Strategy

    Initial Plan: $4,999

    Ongoing Planning: $199/Month

We also provide project-based consulting for clients who require more custom support. These ala carte planning services are available at an hourly rate of $399. Hours are estimated and proposed on a project-by-project basis prior to the start of any work.